Sunshine Yellow

Yellow creates an uplifting atmosphere. With its claimed ability to aid digestion, it is a good colour for dinning rooms. It is also know to stimulate memory and mental clarity, making it a excellent colour for bedrooms.

Collection Image
Signal Yellow

RAL 1003

Golden Yellow

RAL 1004

Sulfur Yellow

RAL 1016

Lemon Sparkling 1

WC 2116

Luminous Yellow

RAL 1026

Broom Yellow

RAL 1032

Fresh Breaze

WC 9010

Jubilee 1

WC 2118

Yellow Sparkies 1

WC 2101

Flower Yellow 3

WC 2102

Perfect Yellow 1

WC 2115

Flower Yellow 2

WC 2108

Due to the nature of how the colour is produced on a display, it is impossible to match the true paint colour. It is therefore strongly recommend visiting a retail partner to get an accurate paint sample for a true colour reflection. Light emitting displays use additive colours to emit the colour we perceive. Non light emitting mediums such as paint relies on subtractive colours to absorb all light frequencies any only reflect back the colour we perceive. On top of that, the type and intensity of light effect they way a colour is emitted the same as how sheen or gloss effects how colours are reflected from paint.