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Run by family, you'll experience personal service of going the extra mile no matter how big or small your paint requirement. Our mission is the make the unimaginable happen with both our specialised products and services. The store carries an extensive product range and accessories making it the one stop paint shop for both DIY customer and contractor. It's The MEGA store that gives you more. If you can imagine it, we'll help you create it!


Established in 1995, Paint Warehouse has been supplying reliable paint products and services for more than two decades in Cape Town and surrounds. With humble origins, Paint Warehouse has grown to a national footprint at different levels of the value chain.

We value you, your business and your opinion. For us, you’re not just a number, you are our number one.

We pride ourselves as having one of – if not the – most technically competent sales teams in the market. We will give advice on what you need to ensure the success of your project.

We specialize in paint. That is our passion that is our area of expertise. We will assist with.

  • Product Selection
  • Quantity Determination
  • Colour Pallet Selection
  • Advice on preparation
  • Advice on problem areas

We don’t just offer colour mixing with a generic colour machine where you throw a standard formulation and hope you get the colour you desire. We make use of highly trained colour mixing artisans. They will not only ensure colour accuracy, but give you the option of adjusting a colour to your demands. You can even test their amazing skills by bringing a sample to match up against. If you have health concerns, do you go to a generic GP, or to the specialist? Why not go to the specialist for the health of your home?

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